In case of emergency, see the "about" and "ships" pages listed on the sidebar. I am a drug abuser but not yet an addict and have been prone to severe bouts of clinical depression since I was twelve. I also have anxiety, though it is only very rarely anything approaching debilitating. I do, however, indulge in dangerous behaviors and have suicidal tendencies. As long as I am not actively expressing a desire to kill myself and/or do not seem convinced that I am in immediate danger, there is no need to panic, as I take hallucinogenic drugs on occasion and subsequently experience severe dissociation that may cause me to make delusional statements.
so blaze
what goes up must come down. now my buzz is gone, i need to re-up on reality, can't let them see me weak. i need to pause on it, is there any possibility that everyone feels like me? ashtrays and heartbreaks, i lost some, let's toast one. so raise a glass to the memories, set 'em free and fill up all those ashtrays.
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